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Zinc Chloride Products

Why Choose Us:
1. We are the manufacturer and not a middle man.
2. Our competitive prices
3. We have more than 10 years of high level production experience.
4. Outstanding internal quality control.
5. Prompt shipping practices.

    1. 96% Zinc Chloride (Industry Grade)

      The 96% industry grade zinc compound is mainly used in water treatment processes and the wood industry. This zinc concentration is also suitable for rubber vulcanization, activating carbon and dye stabilization.

Zinc chloride products are produced using inorganic chemistry techniques and our products are handled according to the national standard GB 1625-79. Zinc chloride is divided into battery grade and industrial grade

White powder granular in solid state. Colorless and transparent water-solution in liquid state

The outside is an iron drum, galvanized iron drum or plated bag covered in plastic film. The inside is double high pressure polythene.
Custom packages can also be provided.

Quality Standard
1. We randomly test every step twice in one day by using our advanced laboratory within our facility.
2. Every batch of raw zinc compounds must be tested when they arrive at our factory and once they are unloaded.
3. We randomly test product weight twice before shipping to warehouse