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Zinc Ammonium Chloride

Zinc ammonium chloride in its finished state is a white powder, mainly used in metal jointing, galvanization and dry-cell battery production.

Usually these zinc compounds are divided into three types
Zinc ammonium chloride 75%: zinc chloride 75%; ammonium chloride 25%
Zinc ammonium chloride 55%: zinc chloride 55%; ammonium chloride 45%
Zinc ammonium chloride 45%: zinc chloride 45%; ammonium chloride 55%

It can be used as an electrolyte substance for batteries, dehydration or condensing agents in organic compounds. It is also applied as an activator in cation exchange resin.

The outside is plaited bag covered plastic film. The inside is double high pressure polythene.

Custom packaging is also available.