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About Us

Established in 2001, Hisky Zinc Industry Co. is a private enterprise that specializes in the production of zinc chemicals with a fully integrated exporting network. Our production processes are ISO9001-2000 certified and we were the first company in the industry to own independent export rights with a pre-registration for all substances that are within the scope of REACH.

Our primary products include zinc chloride, zinc ammonium chloride, basic zinc carbonate, zinc sulphate, zinc ingots, etc.

Hisky’s primary goal during production is to please our customers with our quality oriented, honest and constantly updating business processes. These facilities are configured for efficiency and are designed for our operators to maintain total control over product quality. Our ISO Quality Management System certified manufacturing center is operated by our highly trained staff that performs strict testing to ensure that all outgoing products live up to our reputation for pure chemicals with no outside impurities.

Hisky boasts a broad sales network that covers over 18 Chinese provinces and countries including the USA, Germany, Russia, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and so on. Our amazing after-sales services also extend to our international customers in order to provide a seamless experience for all of our clients. We have become the quality standard for zinc chemicals production and we work hard every day to maintain that title.