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Hisky operates facilities that are optimized for energy and production efficiency, environmental responsibility, and are configured for continuous improvement. These facilities are a major factor for our record of high quality production and international success.

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1. Raw materials, (zinc ash) warehouse. All raw materials are inspected twice before entering the production lines.
2. HCl (hydrochloric acid) tank.
3. Combining workshop: Zinc ash and HCl combining
4. Heavy metal treatment: Heavy metals such as iron, copper, and lead are removed from the zinc chemicals.
5. Vaporize and rime: Temperatures reach more than 1000 degrees Celsius.
6. Smash: 4~5 facilities and cooling water cycle in the bottom of the facility.
7. Packing: temperature is kept above 50 degrees Celsius.
8. Warehouse: weight inspection is performed twice for quality control.

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Raw Material Storage
We store the materials strictly according to the dangerous chemicals storage standard. The maximum storage capacity can reach 500 tons. The hydrochloric acid is supplied by our neighboring listed group company. The quality and availability are stable.

Zinc Carbonate Workshop
  • The synthesis workshop is equipped with 3 synthesis tanks, 4 purification tanks, 2 presses, as well as 1 vacuum filtration system.

  • Plate-and-frame press for semi-finished products of zinc carbonate containing 40% moisture. The output in 24 hours is more than 10 tons

  • Automatic drying, crushing, and packing. The fully closed production reduces the production of secondary pollution, it is more conducive to safety during processing.

Zinc Chloride Workshop
  • The workshop is equipped with a high quality zinc chloride reaction unit that treats the zinc chloride solution imported from Germany to produce the top-quality finished zinc chloride.

  • 3 workers a group, 3 shifts in 24 hours. The daily output of zinc chloride can reach up to 45 to 50 tons.

Packing Warehouse
  • In order to transport safely, we pack our products with double-layer heat resistant materials. The outer packaging is waterproof nd can meet long distance shipping requirements.

  • This is a 50 kg plastic drum with good sealing, strong resistance to corrosion, and can be used multiple times. It is provided by a qualified dangerous goods packaging manufacturer

2 finished product warehouses with a total storage capacity of 600 tons, the monthly throughput is 800 to 1000 tons