Multimedia Content for the Company and Products
Zinc Chloride Products The outside is an iron drum, galvanized iron drum or plated bag covered in plastic film. The inside is double high pressure polythene.
    1. 98% Zinc Chloride (Battery Grade)

      This 98% battery grade zinc chloride is a white powder or granular in its solid finished form and is a colorless, transparent solution when liquid.

    1. 96% Zinc Chloride (Industry Grade)

      The 96% industry grade zinc compound is mainly used in water treatment processes and the wood industry. This zinc concentration is also suitable for rubber vulcanization, activating carbon and dye stabilization.

Zinc Carbonate Zinc carbonate is a white or yellow fine amorphous powder that is odorless and tasteless. The proportion of this zinc mixture is 4.42-4.45 and does not dissolve in water or alcohol.
Zinc Ammonium Chloride Zinc ammonium chloride in its finished state is a white powder, mainly used in metal jointing, galvanization and dry-cell battery production.