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Quality Control

Raw Material Control
Product quality and purity is the most important thing for our zinc chemical manufacturing operation. In order to control the quality of the end product, we inspect each batch of raw materials twice before allowing them to enter the production line. We perform an inspection prior to accepting the delivery of materials and again once we unload the shipment in the factory.

During Production
Testing is performed at each zinc processing stage so that adjustments can be made to ensure finished product quality, especially heavy metal control. Heavy metal content, particularly lead contamination must be kept at a minimum. Final product testing is the most important stage before we offer our quality goods to customers.

Before packaging, we strictly control the temperature and weight of our zinc products. This data is recorded and then the products are packed in double high pressure polythene.

With more than six years of experience in laboratory chemical detection, 2 professional operators perform real-time monitoring during the entire production process. They monitor each stage and keep samples for quick reference.

Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
This equipment is used to detect heavy metals during the production of zinc chloride. The equipment is primarily used to detect lead content in order to keep lead levels under 5PPM.